Aches and Pains

Coming off a three month sabbatical can be tough on the body.  I shot five hours of straight pool non-stop Tuesday night and now I’m feeling it.  My left shoulder hurts, my back is killing me, and my left shin is sore (huh?).  Where’s my Motrin?  It probably doesn’t help that I’m an old geezer, but with age comes wisdom.  How do I plan to address these aches and pains?  MORE POOL!


5 responses to “Aches and Pains

  1. I got the same problem, some days I have to take a pain pill just to play league. Getting old sucks!

  2. Speaking of aches and pains The APA is becoming painful :Attention last night our league started at 7 and we got out of there just before midnight! 5 hours to play a couple of games , Im thinking of a new plan any ideas ?

  3. I have no idea why my phone auto added attention… but I kind of like it out and lol

  4. Sorry to hear that. I recently asked a physical therapist for some stretches that might help with pool aches & pains. Her recommendation was actually not to stretch but to walk. She said that if its at all possible, walk for about 10 minutes before playing, and if your back starts hurting during practice or a tournament to get out and walk for 5 minutes….basically, get the blood flowing and warm the muscles, rather than trying to stretch cold muscle. Not always an option, but worth a try in some cases.

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