A Slow Start

Talk about slow starts! It’s now April 2 and I’ve only been able to fit in about three practice sessions all year! Aaaagghh! Life and work have both been very crazy busy since last November, but I anticipate being able to get back to the table again with some consistency around the end of April. At least now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel… let’s just hope it’s not an oncoming train!


2 responses to “A Slow Start

  1. Looking forward to losing to you in the first round of the one-hole tournament at CBC…

    • Awesome! I’m glad to hear you are coming back to California! I’m haven’t secured my entry into the one-hole tournament yet…not sure I can get the time off…but I’ll certainly be around in the evenings. I was able to get Friday off for sure for the start of the 10 ball tournament, so not all is lost. There are going to be a lot of top pros here for 10 ball. I look forward to seeing you again!!!

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