Irrational Exuberance?

No, this is not me.

No need to wait a month to see results… my new approach to pool practice has already produced a quantum leap in ability!!!  I saw the first evidence on Tuesday night when I decided at the last minute to play a straight pool match at Lucky Shot Billiards.  I shot a pretty good 14.1 game, still made a handful of small mental mistakes, but my shot-making accuracy was off the chart!  My stance felt more stable, I was seeing the shots much better, and my stroke was dead on.  Last night at Lucky Shot Billiards I played an APA 8 ball match against another “7”, again made a handful of small mental mistakes, but my shot making accuracy and speed control were much improved over my recent performance.

What did I change?  I just had two or three practice sessions (~5 hours total) where I forced myself to be hyper-focused on my pre-shot routine.  I was checking my fundamentals on each shot and forcing myself to find a follow shot that would get me where I wanted to go.  I also did the unthinkable…I threw all 15 balls out and randomly pocketed them…something I always preach that you should never do.  For each shot, I required myself to shoot pure follow shots and focus on finding the aim point, stroking with minimal arm movement, and following through.  Voila!  My accuracy has skyrocketed, my routes are more natural, and paradoxically, my speed control had also skyrocketed even though I wasn’t working on it!  Christmas in May!  Yipeee!!!


5 responses to “Irrational Exuberance?

  1. Great shooting last night man! I want a rematch! 🙂

    • Hey, I didn’t name any names! 🙂 Yes, we should play more often to push ourselves to get ready for the US Amateurs. I’d love for both of us to do a repeat and represent NorCal again in Florida!

      • CJ Robinson

        I have no shame in admitting I didn’t play well enough to beat the new and improved Michael Reddick. Practice sessions for US Amateurs sounds like a good idea.

  2. I should have known better not to lock horns with you at 14.1. Great shooting!

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