Visiting David Sapolis

I recently had to travel to El Paso, TX on an overnight business trip, so I packed up my cue and was able to get in a few hours practice while there.  Before leaving California I was able to get in touch with David Sapolis, a professional pool player better known to many as “Blackjack,” and set up some time for a lesson.  David is the founder of Dead Stroke University and he lives in the El Paso area, so we met up at Clicks Billiards in El Paso for a couple of hours.  I really enjoyed the time we were able to spend shooting 14.1 and talking about pool games in general.  I definitely took away some good knowledge.  One of David’s greatest areas of expertise is the mind game of pool… understanding how some players can seem to get the edge and win while others who are just as physically gifted can’t.  I learned a great deal from David, and will share some of the drills we discussed in a future post.  If you live near El Paso or are just passing through, I highly recommend trying to hook up with David, take a lesson, and pick his brain.  It is definitely worth the money.


One response to “Visiting David Sapolis

  1. David seems like a pretty good guy, I always like reading his posts on Azbilliards, the guy has a ton of pool knowledge.

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