14.1 Secrets

Last night I opened my 14.1 match with a 26 ball run and thought I’d have an easy time racing my opponent to 80.  I was wrong.  Over the next seven innings, every time I got up to shoot I was looking at a cue ball that was frozen solid to the back of the pack.  My offense was completely negated.  From that point on I had to fight tooth and nail for every single point.  In the middle of our match I jokingly asked my opponent to tell me his secret for sticking the ball to the pack.  He declined.  Near the end of our match, with the score tied 75-75, I begged him to tell me his secret and I even offered a bribe to loosen his jaws.  He just grinned and said, “No, this is worth a whole lot more than money can buy.”  After the match was over, he finally spilled the beans and shared his secret with me.  Tomorrow, at no additional charge to you, I’ll share his nasty little technique for playing devastating safeties against the pack.


6 responses to “14.1 Secrets

  1. you may want to check with him before giving away his secrets.

  2. If you know it right now, why the extra post?

    • Sorry, just very busy at work…and I’ll need to draw a diagram which takes me too much time. If I finish league early enough tonight, maybe I can post later.

  3. Michael must have some relation to those people who come up with the “tonight at 10pm” news tease segments.

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