BCAPL SW Regional Championships

I’m flying to Scottsdale, Arizona tonight for the BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships.  Since I don’t play in the BCA league, I had to purchase a BCA Player Membership and will be entering the tournament in the Advanced/Masters category.  Out of the hundreds of players expected to show up for the tournament, only fifteen of us fall within this group.  I did a little research on the other fourteen players and get the feeling I’ve got a very tough row to hoe.  Some of them placed high in the US Bar Box Championship Open 8-Ball, and some have finished in the money at various other open events.  Oh well, enough whining, I just need to suck it up and play my game.

Wish me luck!


10 responses to “BCAPL SW Regional Championships

  1. Break a stick! (Like break a leg)

  2. Indeed, I truly wish to the best. Make it a Great Tournament!

  3. Best of luck to ya, keep us updated!

  4. Cool runnings,
    All THE best!

  5. I hope all is going well at the tourney. Give us an update when you get some downtime.

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