New York City Pool Tour

I’m traveling to the New York City area next week on official “day job” business.  One of the benefits of my occasional business trips is that it gives me the opportunity to visit pool halls in other cities and meet up with local players.  This trip will be no exception.  There are some fantastic pool establishments in the greater New York City area and I plan to visit several of them.  Here’s my tentative list of places to visit:

  • Castle Billiards, East Rutherford, NJ
  • Steinway Billiards, Astoria, NY
  • Society Billiards, New York, NY
  • Amsterdam Billiards, New York, NY

Does anyone know of other pool halls in the area that I “must see?”


2 responses to “New York City Pool Tour

  1. A bit east of Queens in West Hempstead is Raxx Bar and Grill. I hear it is a nice room. I play at Gallery in Newburgh, NY, about 50 miles northwest of the city.

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