One of those days

I got to the pool hall around 11:15 this morning to log some practice time before a One Pocket match that I had scheduled for 1PM.  I started my warm-up with the “L” drill and was shooting pretty well.  Then I decided to practice some progressive rotation drills, and that’s when my game started to fall apart.  Boink, Boink, Boink.  Nothing was dropping.  Normally, when I start shooting badly, it just means that I’m not mentally focused.  My usual method for addressing this is to take a 5 minute break so that I can rest, calm myself down, and refocus my thoughts.   On most occasions, this works.  Today, it did not.  After taking two or three breaks in rapid succession, I realized that I was feeling light headed and slightly nauseous.  Humm, not good.  I cancelled my One Pocket match and headed home.  Now, time for an afternoon nap.


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