I traveled 2,600 miles to the New Jersey / New York City area and spent 4 days there on official day job business, and never once had the opportunity to visit a pool hall.  The man actually expected me to work while I was there.  What a bummer!  I had wanted to visit Amsterdam Billiards, Society Billiards, Steinway Billiards, Castle Billiards, and Gotham City Billiards while I was traveling, but I guess I’ll have to do that on my next flight out.  Now I’m suffering from pool withdrawal.  I haven’t played in over a week.  No problem.  I’ve already got three One Pocket matches and a practice session scheduled for tomorrow, so I guess I’ll get my fix soon.


One response to “BUMMER!

  1. That is a bummer! The Northeast is such a great place to play pool. Next time.

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