2013 US Open One Pocket Championship

It’s December 31st, a day when most folks ponder memories of the past year and set goals for the next.  I’m no different.  2013 was a great pool year for me.  I didn’t play that much pool, maybe one day a week on average, but I did manage to check one item off my bucket list:  Playing in a US Open event!  I started playing One Pocket in January 2013 and immediately fell in love with the game.  I even decided (foolishly?) to enter the US Open One Pocket Championship in July of 2013 to see just how good the pros play the game.  It was a fantastic experience and one I will never forget.  I spent almost a full week in Vegas playing One Pocket and also playing in various 8 and 9 ball mini tournaments sponsored by the BCA.  Here’s a photo of the venue at 2:30am the morning before tournament play began.  I think I was the only player hitting balls and was so excited I couldn’t sleep.  Can you hear the theme music from The Color of Money?  Yeah, me too.  Pool 24/7.  My version of heaven!  In my next post I’ll tell you about my second biggest highlight from 2013:  My US Open One Pocket Championship match again Dennis Orcollo, the top money player on the planet.

US Open Venue


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