2014 US Open One Pocket Championship

I got to Reno late Sunday night and hit balls for a couple hours to adjust to the 9′ Diamond tables.  The rails on a Diamond play differently than the Gold Crowns I am accustomed to.  I got a few hours sleep and was up early Monday hitting balls again.   My first round match was scheduled for 7:00pm, so I was able spend a good bit of time hitting balls and relaxing.  In the first round I drew Brandon Shuff, a pro from Virgina.  I played pretty well (for me), but it wasn’t enough.  Shuff dispensed me pretty quickly with scores of  8-1, 8-3, 8-5, 8-2.  To be honest, I was pretty happy to play him that close.  My next match is later this afternoon.  I drew a second round Bye so I still don’t know who my next opponent will be.  It’s amazing to see how well these guys play.  Having a blast.  Later.


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