US Amateurs – How to Play Shot 2?

Here’s the second shot that really stood out in my memory.  I was competing in the US Amateur Preliminary round last weekend, and at one point I was presented with this shot in 8 Ball:


Here’s the situation:  I broke the rack, reviewed the initial table layout, and decided that I could run all the solids on the table, so I tried….and failed!  I had lost cue ball position on a previous shot which got me out of line and caused me to miss my final ball (yellow).  In response, my opponent decided to break up a cluster of his stripes so that he could go for a run out on his next turn, and left the cue ball safe for me at the far end of the table.

So here’s the question, oh wise reader…..WHAT’S THE RIGHT STRATEGY FOR ME?  BETTER YET, HOW WOULD YOU PLAY THIS?  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what I tried.


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