Hi, my name is Michael Reddick and this is my blog.  I’ve been playing pool on and off for about 20 years, but never too seriously.  That changed last year when I read Daniel Coyle’s great book, “The Talent Code.”  Now I’m on a mission to transform myself:  medical device industry professional by day, professional pool player by night.  I’m not that good yet, but I’ve given myself two years to reach the pinnacle.  Is it possible? Will I succeed?  Who knows.  One thing I do know: I’ve already had a blast, and my game has definitely improved dramatically in the last six months.  Now, only 1.5 years of very hard work ahead of me!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  Feel free to leave comments if you like.  You can also send me an email at the following address:  michael (at) michaelreddick (dot) com.  Well, I guess that’s it.  Now, back to the table!