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“Angle of Reflection (is) Michael Reddick’s terrific blog in which he documents his audacious attempt to become a professional pool player in two years.  I like it partly because he’s putting the ideas of The Talent Code directly to use; but mostly because of his sharp analysis and good storytelling.”
– Daniel Coyle, Journalist and New York Times bestselling author of The Talent Code and Lance Armstrong’s War.
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“Michael Reddick’s blog, Angle of Reflection, is a journal of his new journey to become a professional pool player in two years. Of course, he’s not starting from scratch. He has a truly wonderful post that steps through the process of planning a shot that I think deserves a wide readership, and I hope you’ll check it out.”
– John Biddle, founder of the award winning Pool Student’s Blog
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“Your goal is a lofty one but it can happen that a player gets to pro speed in two years…Good Luck!”
– Chris Lynch, Professional Pool Player and House Pro at Amsterdam Billiards, NYC
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“The blog is a great idea. If it’s okay with you, we will point others to it.”
– Linda Radford, co-founder of the College of Pool and Billiards
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“I think (the Eureka post from December 2, 2009) is a fantastic example of how deep practice can transform an individuals skill level as well as transform their beliefs and give them real confidence as they begin to develop that ‘unconscious competence’ that is so critical to the performance of skills in the sporting domain. It is clear to me that Michael has been able to really challenge himself in certain areas to take himself out of his comfort zone (Daniel Coyle would describe this as the ‘sweet spot’, the challenge that is just beyond our reach but not beyond our possibilities) which has made other areas of his game seem straightforward.”
– Stuart Armstrong, Coaching Development Manager at England Golf Partnership LLP
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