The key to a person’s success in any field is dependent upon his or her ability to learn from others, adopt what is useful, and apply what you learn.  I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the people who have contributed to my development as a pool player.

To Bob Radford and Linda Radford of the College of Pool and Billiards (Cue U) in Rockford, Illinois. In two days of one-on-one instruction, they were able to correct fundamental flaws and shave years off my training program.  The video taped practice sessions were fantastic…and yes Linda, I’m still working on my “Finish”!

To Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy, whose personal instruction provided two invaluable pieces of information: (1) how to accurately calculate bank shots, and (2) how to determine the precise distance a cueball travels after contact with an object ball.

To Freddy “the Beard” Bentivegna, who rocked my orderly geometric world with a robust non-geometric ball fraction aiming system for making bank shots.  His methods were so unorthodox to me that I didn’t believe them…until I tried them.  Wow!  You can visit the banking master’s website here.

To Chris Lynch of the Amsterdam Billiard Club in New York City, who proved to me that an ounce of personal instruction is worth its weight in gold.  Yes Chris, I’m keeping my bridge hand solidly on the table now; no need to whack my knuckles again!

To Max Eberle, who taught me a new stance which is much more solid and consistent than my previous stance.

To Robert Burns, Phil Capelle, and Ray Martin, whose books laid the foundation upon which I could grow.

To Martin Scorsese, who lit the spark in me with his film production of The Color of Money.

To Daniel Coyle, who fanned the flame with his book, The Talent Code, which revealed to me the role of myelin in the brain, how it is grown, and how it provides the neurological basis for talent development.  Hey Daniel, if they can do it, so can I!

Thanks to all!