A collection of my favorite pool related quotes:

“Why go one rail when you can go three and still get to the same spot?”
     – Jason Lagore

“I’m so far down the rabbit hole of billiards that it effectively defines and dictates my existence. Since I devote so much time to my hobby/life sentence, other social activities are a rarity for me.”
    – Melinda Huang (aka OMGWTF)

“The game of billiards has destroyed my naturally sweet disposition.”
    – Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain)

(Earl wins a rack)
Earl: “It’s your break.”
Alex: “No, your break.  It’s winner breaks.”
Earl: “REALLY?!!  I’m so used to playing that other shitty way.”
(Earl gets up, breaks dry, then sits down and turns to me) 
Earl: “You know, I’d rather lose 9 to nothing than play that other shitty way”

     – Earl Strickland (Seminole Pro Tour Stop, April 2011)

(One Pocket match:  I hit a perfect 3 rail safety, freezing whitey against a ball)
Frank: “That’s a pretty damn good shot.”
Me: “Yeah, Reid Stensrud taught me that shot.”
(Frank studies the position for a moment)
Frank: “Humm…  Humm…  WELL, FUCK REID!”
Reid (at a nearby table):  “It’s so nice to be loved.”
(Frank plays a 3 rail safe and puts me right back where I started.)
Me: “Holy Crap!  What a shot!”
Frank: “Yeah, Bryce taught me THAT shot.”
Me: “Well… FUCK BRYCE!”

    – Frank Robutz, Reid Stensrud, Michael Reddick

“Look at all the suckers in this tournament…and I draw this guy (Alex Pagulayan) in the first round? Does that seem random to you? I bet some people think that’s funny. Why can’t I draw a sucker and spend some time getting in stroke? Yeah, that’s real funny. Here I am, flying around the world, trying to make a living…living out of a car.  And people think that’s funny. I never get lucky. I fly 6,000 miles and only get 4 hours of sleep, just for this? Everything’s against me, the game, the equipment, the people…”
     – Earl Strickland (Seminole Pro Tour Stop, April 2011)

“You see that kid?  He plays terrific shape.  Maybe this game is too easy…I think we should play with three inch pockets.  It wouldn’t slow my game down a bit… it should be ten seconds to shoot, and a race to 30.”
     – Earl Strickland (Seminole Pro Tour Stop, April 2011)


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