The Drills

Drills are the corner stone of your training program.  The drills you practice should be determined by the part of your game that needs the most work.  I can’t say it enough:  solid fundamentals are THE most important thing.  Don’t neglect fundamentals because they seem “easy” or boring.  The person with the most solid fundamentals almost always wins! 

Here’s a list of the pages located under The Drills tab:

Fundamentals – Develop a straight stroke and get familiar with center, follow, and draw.
Cut Shots – Learn how to make a cut shot.  Almost every shot requires this skill!
Standard Routes – Learn the most common ways to get from point A to point B and learn distance control.
Classic Drills – Oldie Goldies.  These have been around forever…and for good reason.
Challenging Drills – Somewhat new drills specifically designed to challenge you.
Safeties – Being able to hit a solid safe on demand is what separates pros from good amateurs.
Kicks – Being able to hit out of a good safe is what separates great pros from good pros.
Caroms – Very useful when there’s nothing else to shoot at.  Also comes in handy if you want to play a safe.
Banks – Fun when you make them and generally a crowd pleaser, but I usually don’t recommend them, unless you’re playing 1pocket.
Combinations – These opportunities come up all the time in 8ball, 9ball, 14.1, and 1 pocket.  You should practice them.
Practice Games – Rule number one of practice sessions: Dont play games!  Games are good to use occasionally as assessment tools that allow you to (1) track your progress over time, and (2) assess weaknesses in your ability.