Training Program

The key to improving yourself is having a plan and monitoring your progress.  I have three pages under the Training Program tab.  Below I provide a brief summary of each.

My Training Plan – I update my training plan periodically based on my performance.  If I’m doing great on one aspect of my game, I move on to areas where I’m not doing so great.  All the while, I’m constantly aware of my fundamentals.  If I’m having a lot of trouble in one particular area, I go back and do additional work on fundamentals and seek advice from a third party on how to move forward.

My Scoreboard – If you want to improve a process you need to come up with a way to measure it.  I update my scoreboard periodically based on my performance.  This provides objective feedback, shows me where I need to focus my efforts, and allows me to track my performance over time.

Local Tournament Schedules – This is a list of the bigger local  weekly tournaments in the San Jose area.   There’s also a list of once-a-month tournaments.