My Training Plan

(Updated 9/29/2011)

Here’s the overall strategy for my development as a player:

1. Serious Solo Practice – Daily practice to work on key skills needed to improve my game.  What I work on depends upon a continuous, honest, and sometimes painful self-assessment of my playing abilities and areas of weakness in my game.  My current focus is:  Safety Play & Speed Control

2. APA weekly competition – I captain an eight ball team out of California Billiards on Wednesday nights.  My objective is (1) support the APA league, (2) help others learn the game and improve, and (3) put maximum pressure on myself to win the short race to 5 matches by as wide a margin as possible.

3. Periodic Matchups – Gain additional competitive experience by matching up with the better players (A, AA, AAA) who frequent California Billiards.  I’ll be matching up during the week and playing either nine ball, ten ball, or one pocket.

4. Weekly Tournaments – Gain tournament experience participating in local weekly tournaments.  Locations may include Edgie’s Billiards (Tuesday and Wednesday), Billiard Palacade (Saturday), Lucky Shot Billiards (Friday and Saturday), and California Billiards (Saturday and Sunday).

Here’s a more tactical review of my current weekly schedule:
Daily – 1st 15 minutes: drills to refine fundamental stroke mechanics
Monday – 6 ball practice drills (routes).  Also kicking and safety drills.
Tuesday – Straight Pool League (14.1) at Lucky Shot Billiards
Wednesday – 8 Ball APA League at California Billiards
Thursday – 6 ball practice drills (routes).  Also kicking and safety drills.
Friday – Miscellaneous practice topics at California Billiards
Saturday – California Billiards 9 Ball Tournament
Sunday – California Billiards 10 Ball Tournament