Excuses Excuses…

Today is Wednesday, December 9, and this is probably the most A.D.D. post that I’ve ever written.  As you can see from the date on my last post, a week has passed since my last entry.  Worse yet, it has been over a week since I had the opportunity to practice at a pool table.  Hold on, let me rephrase that last sentence: It has been over a week since I last made time to practice at a pool table.  How is it possible to go from such an emotional high as I described in my posts from last week, to where I am today?  I sat here for over a week replaying those events in my head with a smile on my face, but now I’ve shaken my head and realized that a week has gone by and I haven’t taken any additional steps on my journey.  Oh sure, I could give you a thousand good reasons why I haven’t practiced in over a week.  That’s what we intellectuals do, right?  There’s always a reason for what we do, even if the reasons aren’t really valid.  Sure, I could tell you about the stray cat (more like a bag of bones) that I found outside my office a couple weeks ago; the subsequent dash to the vet’s office to see if it could be saved, bringing it home and giving it water and food, trying to explain to my wife and my current cat why bringing this stranger into our home was the right thing to do; but that would just be my attempt to distract you from the fact that I haven’t practiced in a week.  I could also tell you about my company, how we are shutting down our manufacturing operations this month, and how tough the job market is right now; but again, that would just be my attempt to distract.  The reality is, I simply haven’t made time to practice in a week.

Why?  Is it fear of failure?  Is it fear of success?  Maybe over the years I’ve developed an affinity for toiling away at the table for hours, laboring in vain to squeeze out one short minute of success.  Maybe my brain had been programmed to believe that anything good in this life can only be achieved as a direct consequence of hours and hours of grueling effort.  Maybe Daniel Coyle’s concepts have actually had a bad influence on me.  By implementing the concept of deep practice, I’m seeing results too fast: I’m getting spoiled.

"Please take me home with you!"

Nah, that would just be another attempt by me to justify my absence.  Last night I watched The Color of Money again for the four hundred and fifty-third time.  It’s a good thing that DVDs don’t wear out.  I will definitely make time to practice today.  Do you think I need to see a shrink?  Oh, by the way, here’s a picture of Lilly (the bag of bones).  Just take a long look at her.  Who could say no to those pleading eyes?  Yes, that’s right, keep looking at her: maybe you’ll forget that I haven’t practiced in a week.


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