My Strangest Miss Ever – Mystery Solved!

Congrats to poolriah for solving the mystery!  I’ll not rehash the whole story here, as you can read the comments from my post this morning.  In recognition of this outstanding achievement, and by the power invested in me as the founder of this blog, I hereby present poolriah with this blog award.  Congratulations!!  🙂


3 responses to “My Strangest Miss Ever – Mystery Solved!

  1. *sniff sniff* i shall treasure this for all eternity. (or as long as my clipboard will hold on to the certificate’s image, whichever comes first.) 😛

    now i’d like to thank God, my parents, my friends, my neighbor’s dog, his neighbor’s turtle, my grandma’s chicken soup, the founder of this blog, my fellow bloggers, their cats, friendly table rolls, a/c in a pool hall, …

  2. seriously though, that’s a nice certificate. thank u so much. i’ve saved it on my phone.

    instead of “certified pool nut”, it’s probably more true to say “certified nut”. 😀

  3. Glad you like it. An award well deserved!

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