Tough Tournament This Week!

How’s this for an all-star lineup?  I’ll be playing against one of these guys in the West Coast Challenge 10 Ball Tournament.  I’m getting my game face on for some SERIOUS pool!!!

This week at California Billiards:  John Schmidt, Alex Pagulayan, Francisco Bustamante, John Henderson, Scott Frost, Stevie Moore, Amar Kang, Rodney Morris, Santos Sambajon, Raj Hundal, Dan Louie, Billy Palmer, John Morra, Jerry Matchin, Jose Parica, Rafael Martinez, Manny Chau, Brandon Shuff, Louie Ulrich, “Preacher” Ron, Oscar Dominquez, Marc Vidal…


2 responses to “Tough Tournament This Week!

  1. Omg thats a tournament of dreams Wow..lemme get my autograph book out lol

    • Impressive huh? Yeah, I pulled a 2 and out, but had a great time. During one of my matches, I was getting down to shoot and could sense that someone was waiting for me to finish my shot before he shot. I looked up, and it was John “Mr. 400” Schmidt!! Yeah, I lost my match, but it felt great just to be able to be in the same room as some of the living legends.

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