Practice, Practice, Practice

TGIF!  It’s 6 am and I’ve already had my first cup of coffee.  Now I’m about to start my daily fifteen minute myelin building exercise.  If you’d like a detailed description of this exercise, see the drill that I described in yesterday’s post.  Ready, set, go…

Whew!  I’ve just successfully completed my first session.  Although I was able to complete the exercise, it was much more difficult than I had anticipated.  Doing it properly is very mentally demanding, as I actually slow down my stroke to unbelievably slow speeds to make sure that I am doing it correctly.  It’s difficult to maintain such a high level of concentration for a long period of time.  Hopefully it will get easier as I perform this exercise on a daily basis and the proper brain/arm circuitry is reinforced.

Well, I’m off to my day job.  There’s a common saying in the pool world that in order to really play at the highest levels of this game, you need to quit your day job and do nothing but shoot.  I’ve met a couple of guys who literally have never worked an 8-5 job in their lives.   Both have somehow been able to eke out a living by playing pool and the occasional poker game; however, I am certainly not in their league!  I wonder: Is it really necessary to quit your day job to be that good?  I do know of one notable exception to this conventional wisdom:  Steve Mizerak.  He’s the guy who made the Miller Lite pool shooting commercials many years ago, and became famous for the line, “…just showing off.”  Yes, Steve grew up with a pool table and was somewhat of a child prodigy, turning pro at a very young age, but he always worked a steady job as a school teacher.  So, maybe I still have a chance…


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