Maybe I’m Just Lazy

I haven’t been practicing much lately.  Every night for the past week or so I’ve dreamed about playing pool.  Each dream follows a similar plot line…I’m playing a match against an obviously inferior opponent but I just can’t seem to close out the match.  On every shot I take I lose cue ball control and end up leaving myself with either a two rail bank or a three ball combination.  Egads!

I guess my subconscious mind is starting to get concerned about my lack of practice.  Each year I enter this malaise period right before the U.S. Amateurs in which I know it’s time to ramp up my preparations, but for some reason I just can’t follow through.  Sigh. 

I’ve got five short weeks before the U.S. Amateur Preliminary tournament, so I know it’s crunch time.  Maybe I just need a change of pace.  I think I’ll start entering some 8 ball, 9 ball, and 10 ball tournaments that I normally don’t compete in just to get myself out of my current comfortable schedule.  Maybe I’ll travel to some out of town tourneys also, just to get a change of scenery.  Let’s see if either of these changes gets me out of my current funk and gets my motivation back up.


6 responses to “Maybe I’m Just Lazy

  1. D'haeseleer Tom

    a few days agoo I discovered your blog,
    I must say it is very impressive.
    I was looking around too do semething like this.
    Like a trainingprogram and the push to post it and share.
    Keep up the good vibes and its for sure you inspire a lot of people.
    All the best,

  2. Michael,
    I just discovered your site. Very nice! I love your approach in having the goal of being a pro in 2 years. I think it really helps to put your goals out there for all to see. It creates motivation for yourself to not get lazy.
    I’ll be watching to see how you progress. Good luck in the upcoming U.S. Amateurs.

    • Thanks Skippy! I appreciate your comments, and I must say that doing the blog has motivated me to stay immersed in the game over the last couple years. I also took a quick glance at your website…quite impressive! I’ll come back for a vist later today when I have more time..I may need some biohacking! Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Thanks for the nice words. My site is a work in progress. I, too, am sharing some goals on my site and podcast. I think it will help to keep me motivated and learning.

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