BCAPL Regional Championships

This weekend I competed in the BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships in Scottsdale, AZ.  I played okay, certainly not my best, but pulled a two and out.  Before I left the tournament area for the long hot drive across the desert, I scribbled a few notes that should help me improve prior to entering my next big tournament.  Here are some of my lessons learned:

  • I normally practice and compete on tight pocket nine foot Brunswick Gold Crowns.  If I plan to enter in a highly competitive bar box tournament that will be using seven foot Diamond tables, it’s probably a good idea for me to practice a little on bar boxes.  (Duhh!)
  • I don’t have to play close shape on bar box tables because there are no long shots on a bar box. I should keep the cue ball away from the object balls so that I don’t kiss safe myself. (Three times I ended a 6 ball run with a kiss on my 7th ball.)
  • I should play stop shot routes as much as possible to eliminate the need to figure out table speed. The speed of the cloth and the action of the rails become irrelevant if I can plan and execute a series of stop shots. (On several occasions I overran my landing zones while still adjusting to the table speed.)
  • I must pull up and chalk if I have any mind chatter. I must not shoot unless I have a very specific landing spot identified for the cue ball. (Twice I messed up on the key ball shot because of mind chatter: one voice in my head was telling me to hurry up and shoot the shot because the subsequent position was so easy there was no need to think about it, while another voice in my head was screaming, “NO! NO! Stand up!”

Maybe the most important lesson learned: No player that I watched did anything extraordinary. These guys were playing right at my skill level. I gave up games (and matches) on silly mental mistakes.  I believe the biggest things I need to work on are my mental focus and pre-shot routines, both of which should easily be within my control.  Next time, I will be ready.


5 responses to “BCAPL Regional Championships

  1. I can relate. I was in a tournament two weeks ago. I reached the final 12 and fell to a guy, I felt, played as well as I did. The big difference was he played a better mental game. I tried running out and he realized that and just sat back and waited for me to miss. Then he cleaned up. Live and learn.

    • Yeah, that’s always a very tough choice…get aggresive and go for the runout yourself…or try to hit a great defensive shot, give up the table, and hope your opponent doesn’t run out.

  2. I agree about the table size. I have even considered downgrading to a bar box at home since that is what 90% of the tournaments are on in my area. I just hate to let go of my table.

  3. Chris, that’s another very tough choice. The simple solution is just to have two tables! Not sure that will go over well at home though!

  4. you need to have your own system

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